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Our charity aims to improve the lives of many human beings who have been dispossessed of power,  such as the people located in rural parts of South Sudan by providing, food, clothing, sanitary products and many others, allowing them to rise above the effects of violence from civil war, hunger and poverty. 


We aim to be the premier model for positive change in a country ravaged by civil war for decades taking power away from a large number of the population resulting in crippling poverty in the country. We aim to empower the people with knowledge and education by providing the resources acquired through donations allowing for community transformation to occur. In turn, we are helping to create a self-sufficient community that is capable of independently maintaining itself while also capable of passing on the knowledge gained to neighbouring communities thus creating a chain reaction of positive change.


T: +61 469 395 195 - Aluel Makuel

T: +61 401 394 963 - Lual Kuch

T: +61 477 148 835 - Jay Dryden

E: mothersforhope@gmail.com